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Responsible/Master Plumber John Collins

I am the Responsible Licensed Plumber for Golden Plumbing.  I have over 25 years of professional plumbing experience.  I have completed a Nationally Recognized 5-year classroom and 1-on-1 Journeyman supervised apprenticeship through Local 26 Plumbers and Pipefitters Union.  I have passed Master license exams in Washington, Texas and Florida.  I was helping my father at age 14 when he was a pipefitter.  If you are looking for a REAL plumber with the best training you should give Golden Plumbing a call first.  Many plumbing companies are sending unsupervised and un-licensed apprentices alone to peoples homes.  In recent years, I am seeing more and more poor craftsmanship being installed every day.  Every homeowner should be checking the plumbers license in your home to avoid poor craftmanship.  You do not want to pay for someone to learn on the job in your home.  When you call Golden Plumbing you are going to get a Journeyman on-site.  Don't get burned by poor quality and cheap materials from other plumbing companies.  I quite often hear my customers complain about poorly installed work by other companies sending apprentices alone to peoples homes.  Just because your water is flowing and not currently leaking,  does not mean it was installed correctly to last a long time and safe for your family.

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Water is the most precious but also one of the most destructive elements on earth.  Please verify any plumber you hire is qualified to service your plumbing needs, whether it is Golden Plumbing or not.


Please use the link below to verify any licensed plumber and plumbing contractor.

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